- What is this site about?
Here you can find movies to watch and rate them. You need to create an account to rate movies. Cinexing will remember what movies you've seen and on the next search you can have Cinexing only show movies that you haven't seen yet. In your profile you can checkout your personal movie stats ratings. Share your personal movie lists with your friends.
- What is the watchlist for?
The watchlist allows you to save movies that you find interesting and want to watch later. After you have watched a movie from your watchlist, you can easily rate it from there.
- Why should I create an account?
1. Accounts on Cinexing are free and always will be.
2. Your collection of movie ratings will be safe anytime. Your ratings are continously backed up.
3. You will have the best and most efficient movie filtering options you will find anywhere.
4. Cinexing is updated daily.
- What features do I get with an account?
1. You can hide movies you don't want to see anymore.
2. You can share your movie collections with your friends.
3. In your profile you will see automatically generated statistics of your favorite directors and actors.
4. You can keep track of any movie you have ever watched.
5. You can download your movie collections as an excel file.
- The movie titles range from green to pale gold.
Green colored movie titles indicate a very popular, yellow a medium-popular and pale gold an unpopular movie.